Free Fuzzy Logic Library

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This page contains comments for MAJOR changes to FFLL. Please see FFLL's CVS page for details on all changes made to FFLL. 

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May 1, 2003


  • Small update to allow for multiple fuzzy logic models to work

Note: For those who have already downloaded the source for version 2.2.0, the only difference is in the file FFLLAPI.cpp  Here is the 'diff' results:

< ret_val = &(*it);
> ret_val = &(*it);

Which translates to the following change in the get_model() procedure:


ret_val = &(*it);


ret_val = &(*it);

April 26, 2003


  • Update to API to fix problem of destructors getting called incorrectly
  • Added:
         #define swprintf _snwprintf
    for Windows platforms to be more compatible with non-windows platforms (Thanx Bruno!)
  • Small change to CoG defuzzification method that caused slightly incorrect results.

August 1, 2002


  • Updated reading of FCL rules to more closely adhere to the IEC 61131-7 standard. See the subconditions section of the FCL Production Rules for details.
  • Many updates to allow FFLL to be compiled using the GNU C++ compiler. The only significant change made was renaming of ENUM constants.

March 21, 2002


Minor update so correct ACCU keyword is used. Older versions used ACCUM. FFLL will still read in FCL files that have ACCUM for backwards compatibility.

February 28, 2002


Removed __declspec(dllexport) from all classes. This means if you're using the DLL version of  FFLL the classes cannot be accessed directly. This was done to make the code cleaner.
Modified project to eliminate (significant) external dependencies. This makes the dll a bit bigger but does not require the distribution of any other "supporting" dlls.

October 2001


FFLL code is submitted to be included in the AI Game Programming Wisdom book. The code that is included in the CD of that book is the initial check-in into the FFLL project's CVS tree.